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That time of year...

July 2, 2017

I'm just a couple of assignments from finishing a copywriting course. In fact, as part of said course, I am asked to set up a blog and post a couple of items... Piece of cake I thought, especially as I already have a blog in place... But no, it turns out I have no idea what to write today, Sod's law of course, but despite this I do very much hope that my tutor can see her way to giving me a good grade ;-)


Let's continue on the studying theme shall we, seeing as I'm currently completing a course and all... It's that time of year when I can't help but look up all the various Masters and research degrees that I would love to apply for and sink my teeth into if only I had the cash... It's already 5 years since I finished the last Masters and in an ideal world - one in which I'm magically loaded - I'd most likely quit work altogether and simply take one course after another - English Lit, Marketing, Psychology, Law - with a few luxury holidays to break things up a little of course!


In the real world, alas, this is not quite so easy and I'm finding it hard to justify the cost of studying, with Marketing perhaps being the only field that might actually benefit me work-wise at present. The fact I now freelance full-time means I have no real NEED to study, but that doesn't alter the fact that I WANT to... Also, considering there are no really worthwhile job opportunities for anyone in Italy (insanely low salaries for the well qualified, no salary at all for many, including new graduates who are forced to carry out internships, for free, if they want to gain any experience at all), any qualification would only really serve if I were to move away, like back to the UK for instance, which isn't an option right now but you never know...


So I'll keep mulling it over for now, in the hope that that unexpected windfall is just around the corner. And in the meantime, in the absence of a boatload of cash, here's a boatload of books... Could be worse...










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