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My work has taken something of a different turn of late, for obvious reasons. In addition to the few ongoing race-related admin tasks, my (Italian-English) translation jobs have ranged from the health field to communications materials, and from trade exhibitions to a self-improvement course, in addition to extensive subtitling of various online videos. As I'm usually to be found working on motorcycle and fashion texts, the recent projects have in fact made a pleasant change, and the subtitling experience is always useful as I don't get to do a lot of that so it's all good practice, and I know I'm lucky to be getting any work at all right now.

Ironically, or perhaps unsurprisingly, a good deal of the work I am getting is directly related to, or a consequence, of COVID-19, with documents like guidelines for businesses, notifications re cancelled events, public service announcements and the like. Companies are trying to carry on as best they can, staff working from home as far as is possible and managers making provision for an eventual reopening, certain Italian firms perhaps able to attempt that already this coming week. I have also carried out some voluntary translation work for an Italian hospital and am registered with a few language-related volunteering websites so that I can help should any suitable projects arise.

As is the case for so many people right now, my income is taking a significant hit and there's no knowing whether the Italian government will in fact implement their plan to support freelancers such as myself at this tough time. I realise my situation could be a lot worse however and, on the flip side, I feel I've actually had chance to get around to all those little admin jobs that I'd been putting off and make sure my online channels and translation forum profiles are updated. I've also done some networking and been in touch with some prospective clients, one more thing that I don't always have time for during a 'normal' working week. So, in the hope work picks up again in the not too distant future, at least I know I've made the most of this unexpected free time and done what I can to ensure work is there when the situation improves. Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long.

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