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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I’ve worked in sports media and PR for around 15 years and am already fairly active across all the main social media channels but despite this, I have never actually got around to studying the specifics of marketing, coming as I do from a language-orientated background.

So, as I strive to develop both my business and myself, I have decided to embark on a social media marketing course, with the thinking that this will allow me to better advertise my own services while also gaining additional skills with which to support the international race teams with which I collaborate as PR/media officer. Having previously completed brief yet very beneficial diploma courses in Journalism and Copywriting, I saw marketing as something of a missing link considering my current portfolio of clients and the different professional ‘hats’ I find myself wearing during the course of any given working week. Hence the decision to delve deeper into the area of social media and the theory behind its application, with the hope that this will help me adopt a more methodical, guided approach when posting/publishing content and considering the end goal.

I’m only part way into the course, which I’m studying in distance learning mode with the UK College of Media and Publishing, but it’s proving very useful and I’ve already been able to apply some of what I’m learning to my own social channels, business profiles and personal website. We're covering each of the main channels and digital marketing tools one by one, looking at how to harness them from a business perspective and how best to gain and interact with followers (each of whom is a potential client of course), different platforms inevitably requiring different styles and approaches.

I'm trying to be better about interacting and posting regularly, especially on LinkedIn, a channel I've always found very useful and one that can effectively steer traffic to my website. I thought I already had a pretty good grasp of the field, but it turns out there is always something new we can learn, and it's giving me the impetus to be more active - professionally rather than personally speaking - across a range of channels. I'm hopeful that the knowledge will pay off in the coming months when we return to something that looks a little more like 'business as usual'. Let's see, shall we?

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