• Heather Watson

Raising the bar

I’m pleased to report that 2020 has got off to something of a racing start here, with various new projects to sink my teeth into.

With several new clients on the books, my work is looking to be much more varied this year rather than strictly translation based. And that can only be a good thing, as mixing things up definitely makes for a more interesting working day. Ideally, I want to balance the time I spend in front of a screen with projects that take me out and about, networking 'in the field'. So this year there’ll be more media relations, writing and race support, in addition to the usual translation work.

This also adds a little security, in that regular work - and therefore regular invoicing - covers my back in months when the translation work all but dries up (January and August in my case, Italian companies slow to get back to it after Christmas and largely closed during the summer month).

The best thing is that some of these new clients have approached me directly, on the back of recommendations from mutual acquaintances, which means I must be doing something right I guess.

I've worked hard to build up the business and client base in recent years, so it's always great to hear that my customers are pleased with the work I've done, or continue to do, for them. And, as a result, I’m feeling much more positive and motivated as the new decade gets underway – all I can say is long may it last!

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