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Quarantine - a 16-year old Italian's perspective

Not my words today, but those of my partner's teenage daughter. Asked by her school to write about coronavirus and the ongoing quarantine situation that we're facing here in Italy, she had this to say - and yes, she wrote it herself, in English, with no input from me, pretty impressive I think you'll agree. I copy her text in full, in the hope it can be informative, particularly for readers in Britain - my home country - whom I fear have all this to come and are perhaps not all taking the precautions they could...

Giulia Marinelli: "Because of the corona virus, three weeks ago, the Italian parliament took the decision to close all north-Italy schools and the main places where people would form big groups, in order to reduce the spread of this undervalued “flu”. At the beginning this places would have been close just for a week, but people, ignoring the problem, have continued to meet each other, so the number of infected people has raised, so that we are still tight at home, without knowing until when. There are some positives aspects of staying at home, for example: I have more time to tidy up my room and to help my mum taking care of the house. Finally, I have time to bake cakes, or to make cookies, and to cook in general. I have time to relax and spend time with our family, which is not obvious (sometimes because of school I stay in my room studying or because of volleyball matches I am often away from home). There are obviously negative aspects of staying in all day. The first week I had volleyball trainings (we were still authorised), so I was not that bored, my routine was nearly the same as always. But in the last two weeks: without seeing my friends, without seeing my granny (who is endanger with this virus), without can do any time of gym outdoor, the frustration of people underestimating the situation… this period have started to become a bit difficult. However, I know that these precautions have been taken to protect the health not only of Italian people, and because of that, I know that staying at home is the best thing to do."

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