• Heather Watson

Never a better time...

As our enforced quarantine continues, and having seen my regular workload diminish by about 70% overnight, we can safely say that I've got some unexpected time on my hands. So as not to waste it then, I thought this might be an ideal time to clock some CPD and further develop my skillset.

Both the British Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Chartered Institute of Linguists, of which I am a member, actively encourage the logging of CPD, or continuing professional development, with which we can confirm and consolidate our knowledge base and relevant areas of expertise. This can be done in a number of ways, such as participating in online or face-to-face training or workshops, offering our time as a mentor, doing some specialist reading, learning a new work-related skill and so on.

We can all benefit from refreshing or updating our skills from time to time, especially in such fast-moving fields as marketing and translation (in which I am involved) where strategies, methods and tools are continuously changing. Having previously completed brief yet very beneficial diploma courses in Journalism and Copywriting, I am currently enrolled on a Social Media Marketing course (in distance learning mode needless to say, seeing as we still can't leave the house!). I'm also taking advantage of the vast array of online resources available to me as a member of the CIOL and CIPR, with everything from webinars to reading material to podcasts.

As I continue to run and promote my own business, perhaps an even greater challenge at the current time, I’m confident that anything I learn will help me to further develop my knowledge, my online presence and, as a result, hopefully enable me to attract new clients and reach a wider target market. Anything we can do at this difficult time to promote ourselves and our businesses can only be a positive, right?

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