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Flexibility rules...

Today I will celebrate #nationalflexday by giving myself the rest of the afternoon off! I moved across to full-time homeworking around 4 years ago and admit that I would probably struggle to return to an environment involving traditional 'office hours'.

From what I see, many companies in the UK (my homeland) are very 'pro-flex' in their approach nowadays, offering the possibility to job share, reduce one's working days or work from home on certain days. Meanwhile in Italy (my adopted home), I'd say the concept is yet to really take flight, not helped by the country's current job climate.

Working from home may have its cons (isolation being a big one) but the pros win out in my opinion. The nature of my role sees me working anti-social hours at times but, as my own boss, I can of course offset this by giving myself time off as and when.

A flexible schedule also brings a psychological benefit I think. You are more likely to be able to achieve that elusive 'work-life balance' and, if you're self-employed like me, you can be more in control of your schedule, taking regular breaks and doing things to reduce work-related fatigue, pressure and stress (heading out for a bike ride, walk or yoga class for example).

And you? What are your experiences of flexible working? Does it work for you?

#remoteworking #translation #selfemployment #flexibility #racinglines

#remoteworking #translation #selfemployment #flexiblework #racinglines #freelance #homeworking

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