• Heather Watson


Well, unlike recent summers, this one turned out to be extremely work-focused with no real let-up, not even during the traditional Italian August 'shut down' period. I can't complain though, as I'd much prefer a busy couple of months than radio silence.

Over the last year or so, I've pared right back in terms of the number of clients I'm working with and now feel like I have a solid customer base, each of which provides me with regular projects across a wide range of subjects. Although I still have an automotive/motorsport focus, I also cover fields as diverse as ceramics, the environment and construction, as well as old favourites like marketing, tourism and so on. Five years on from successfully gaining a Masters in Translation, I'm pleased to say that the studying really paid off and I've been able to turn what started out as a 'bit of work on the side' into a fully-fledged, (more than) full-time translation business.

To such an extent that I'm now considering the next study path. The only problem is, studying costs and so I need to be assured of enough work to cover said costs, but then I also need to be able to juggle the work and the books, making sure I leave enough time to dedicate to another degree. A tricky one, and I'm not sure... Need to decide in the next few weeks though!

In other news, two and a half years ago I sent in my papers to request Italian citizenship, and I've finally heard back! Well, I say 'heard back', basically I now have an appointment in which to present the original hard-copy versions of the documents I submitted online in early 2017 :-| I have no idea if this is a positive step forward,

or if I can still be turned down further down the line... Hope not, as with all the Brexit chaos, I'm thinking that dual British/Italian citizenship wouldn't be a bad thing right now. Will keep you posted.

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