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Summertime blues...

It's all quiet here, very quiet, eerily quiet in fact... Last July proved to be my busiest month of 2016 while this year it's a very different story... Where did everyone go?! Hello?! Anyone?

Considering that everyone here in Italy shuts down for most of August, I'd expected a lot of work to come by way this month, as companies rush to get things down before the vacation period. Sadly it hasn't happened this time around and so I'm left with more than a little time on my hands...

Anyway, to avoid just lazing around in the sun (tempting though that is!), I'm taking the opportunity to sort out a load of admin stuff that I'd been putting off. I've applied for another Masters course - not sure whether I can run to it really but I thought I'd at least get the forms in and see if I'm accepted and then worrying about financing later. I've (finally!) sorted a private pension - another added outlay each month but definitely one that should prove beneficial in the long run - or at least I hope so.

I've sorted some medical stuff and needed surgery to blast some pre-cancerous cells in the cervix - about as much fun as it sounds but an excuse, if any were needed, to take it easy for a few days. I'm just annoyed I can't be out cycling for a while but hey ho...

What else? Well, I completed a copywriting course - it was pretty interesting and has definitely taught me a thing or two. I'm also doing my best to sell my beautiful but little-used Audi A3 - I bought it while still working for Ducati but as I now work from home, it spends most of its days parked up in the drive, so it seems only sensible to trade it in for something cheaper.

I've also got to get cracking on my 'countdown to 40 list' - I've come up with about ten things I want to tick off by May 2018 so let's see how many I can actually accomplish!!

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