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Halfway there...

Well we've got as far as June and work is continuing to tick over nicely (touch wood!!).

In recent weeks I've started working with a number of new agencies and clients, which means that I have been able eliminate a couple of the lower-paying accounts from my customer-base. The fee range continues to amaze me and I admit that I am forced to adapt 'standard' rates to quite a degree, depending on country and client.

What has worked better this year is that I've tended to focus on a few big projects rather than a load of very small ones, which is always preferable despite said big projects not necessarily being easy to come by. I've also had the chance to do more race-related translation, which is right up my alley meaning that the projects are generally more enjoyable to complete.

I'm up on my 2016 figures (long may that continue and, again, touch wood!), though inevitably this means that my work schedule is pretty full, with evenings and weekends often taken up too. That's an area that I definitely need to work on - streamlining so that I can try to get back to something closer to 'office hours', easier said than done though, especially when your desk is in your own home... What is clear is that the 24/7 approach is not sustainable over the long-term - even a freelance translator needs a few hours off, oh, and time to sleep too please!

Here's hoping for a very profitable July now, as we all know that good-old August sees the good-old Italians shutting up shop and heading for the beach - great for those who can of course, not so great for those of us who rely on the Italians's business... Hey ho, I guess I can just head to the coast too then :-)

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