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One week in...

We may only be a few days into the new year but I've been trying to maximise my time and get things in place so as to ensure a productive start to 2017.

There are so many things, big and small, that I have tended to put off but this particular procrastinator is now trying to put at least some of my plans into action.

So over the last days I've applied for a copywriting course, sorted the final documents I need to apply for Italian citizenship, secured and completed my first translation jobs of the year, applied for local volunteer work, got back in touch with my university about talking career paths with current students, brought all my accounting up to date and been out cycling each day (despite the cold!)... God, I just hope I can maintain this kind of pace - at this rate I'll have completed all the year's goals before January is out!

I had a pretty terrible 2016 but, saying that, I do realise that, however corny it might sound, life really is what you make it so I want to do all I can to turn 2017 into a year to remember.

#startasImeantogoon #goals #yeartoremember #lookingahead #achieve #strive #hardworkpaysoff

#goals #plans #actionplan #todo #2017 #newyear #copywriting #translation #determined

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