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I'm pretty relieved that we've almost reached the end of August. This may sound like an odd statement, seeing as the entire (employed) workforce in Italy looks forward to the summer month, and the holidays that come with it. However, the freelancers among us - those working with clients across the Bel Paese at least - dread it, simply because August sees the majority of Italian companies shut down for a break of two or three, if not four weeks. While this is all well and good for their employees, those providing services - such as translation - to said companies are left without work for pretty much the entire month. So, having worked like crazy up until late July, I have now had very little to keep me occupied this month and cannot wait for September to get here!

Considering that my invoices tend to be settled a couple of months after being issued, a month without work means that things will, as a result, be tight two months down the line... The trials of freelancing. January was, for some reason, a similarly slow month, frustrating when you know how much you could potentially get done in a month if only the work was coming in...

My projections for 2016 have, as a result, run off course. I know what I need to be doing each week/month in order to be comfortable but have unfortunately only been able to meet those targets in five of the first eight months of the year, as there simply wasn't enough work coming in during the remaining three.

Anyway, I knew that 2016 was going to be something of an 'experiment', in that it is the first year I have chosen to stay at home and dedicate myself solely to translation (after ten years plus of combining translation with PR work). It's a learning curve that's for sure... and I now need the Sept-Dec period to be particularly lucrative if I want to head into 2017 debt-free!

We'll have to wait and see whether this role is sustainable long-term, or whether I'll actually need to diversify and wear two, or even three, different 'hats' as I've always done in the past...

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