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A rare 'day off'...

No, don't let the title fool you... I don't have 'days off', I just have (rare) days during which I have less computer-based work to do, meaning I can do more non-computer-based tasks, including, though in no way limited to: cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing, ironing, tidying up after three kids (who are big enough to do it for themselves to be quite frank), gardening, general errands, banking, accounting... And the list goes on...

And so today I've 'rewarded' myself with one of those days... It's 2pm and I'm shattered! :-)

Saturday and Sunday were pretty 'standard' considering it was an SBK race weekend - 12 hours in front of the PC (literally, leaving it only to pop to the bathroom and eat a quick sandwich). I wrote and translated releases for Althea BMW, translated releases for another SBK team, for two further Supersport teams, a CIV team, and then had ongoing translations to do for GPone.com. In addition - and very stupidly with hindsight - I agreed on Friday to take on 10,000 words of translation in the field of electronics, due today. So that only added to making a busy weekend even more full-on!

When I mentioned a '12-hour day' to someone recently, the response made me feel like that this doesn't really constitute a busy day. But I still maintain - considering that the 12 hours refers solely to time spent in front of the computer screen, and that the 12 hours applies pretty much 7 days a week - that it is more than enough. To this we add, of course, the countless house spent running the house! So we are, at a minimum, talking about a 100-hour working week..... Hang on, that can't be right?! No wonder I'm feeling exhausted!!!

How much better I feel about it all when I remember that the tax man is then pocketing almost 60% of what I'm earning... Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

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