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Full steam ahead

I hit the ground running on May 1st, quite literally as it happens, in that I was knee-deep in the Imola SBK weekend, working for several different clients simultaneously.

With that over and done with, it was straight on to the next, the next being a host of technical translations in the fields of electronics, energy, motorcycle accessories, scuba gear, and machinery manuals. For someone who never claimed to be a full-on technical translator, despite significant automotive experience, I'm receiving an increasing amount of work in this field, one I which I guess there is significant demand right now! I'm not complaining though, on the contrary, I continue to surprise myself with the kind of texts I'm now tackling.

My agency work (I am working regularly with about five right now) is supplemented by a handful of direct clients, small-scale for the most part but offering enjoyable and relatively simple projects. The motorcycle racing work is also ongoing, and often provides a welcome break from the more challenging texts.

I'd love to know how many words translators are actually handling on average per day. I've often read that 2-3000 is a decent number, though I'm often managing 5-6000. It does, of course, depend on text type and complexity but I simply wouldn't be where I want to be in terms of income (and I'm still not!) if I were only able to complete a couple of thousand words a day (this is also down to the horrific salary/tax conditions here in Italy though!)...

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