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Spring has indeed sprung

Thankfully the arrival of spring has also signified the arrival of a lot more work, so big smiles all around. Having had unexpected time on my hands last month, I took the opportunity to sign up with three more agencies and have, as a result, now completed my first jobs for new clients in Japan, Spain and Italy. I think that proves that there's always something you can be doing to develop your business, and doing so during a slow period at least leaves you feeling somewhat constructive!

In addition, my racing work continues... full-throttle shall we say?! I'm now collaborating with a number of teams which keeps me ridiculously busy over race weekends, as well as working directly with an Italian manufacturer and a key Italian motorsport website. With any luck, all of these projects will prove to be ongoing, as I could do with some regularity when it comes to work flow. I'll be at the Imola and Misano SBK races, but may not be able stretch myself to many more than that this season as the work commitments are varied and sometimes clashing (and the less flying I have to do, the better, but that's another story!).

On a personal note, I'm soon to be published in a French translation journal - pretty excited as I've not yet been in print 'en francais', and I guess there's a chance it might provide some new translation leads?!

I've also just noticed that there are couple of very interesting summer courses running in London during July - one in subtitling at UCL and another in literary translation at City - might have to go and crash on my sister's sofa and get involved in one or the other!

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