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Frenetic Feb!

Well February has, thankfully, brought a dramatic upturn in terms of work, both writing and translation, so hopefully this means the drought is behind me as I'd always rather have too much work than not enough!

I've been working on various translation projects, ranging from Superbike and general motorcycling stuff to more technical mechanical manuals, clothing and tourism-related documents. I can't believe teams are soon heading over to Phillip Island for the first SBK races of 2016 - I'll sadly be following this edition from home (I'm sacrificing Australia for hols in Thailand the week after!), but will be back over there next February for sure...

I've also been asked to put together a piece on how translation fits in to my PR work at the international racetracks - it'll be published in France in the next couple of months, provided I can finish it in good time. As I haven't yet had anything published 'en francais', I'm hoping it could be another useful profile-booster. There are another couple of irons in the fire too, which could fit in well with everything else I've got going on if they actually work out.

Ironically, after the dearth of work in January, I'm now getting a lot of contact from potential new clients - mainly via Proz.com - but am loathe to take on anything more right now as I think I'd be spreading myself a little thin... I keep a database of all these 'possibles' though, so that I always have the option of getting back in touch with them if need be in the future - you can never have enough connections right?

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