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Networking tips?

I’m interested in hearing what other translators consider to be the most effective networking methods?

I am always looking to build my business and am wondering whether there is more that I could be doing to market my services. I recently set up the racinglines.org website and see that I’m getting a reasonable amount of traffic but this hasn’t, as yet, generated translation-specific work. Every time I post on the site’s blog, I link my musings to Twitter and LinkedIn. My two LinkedIn profiles also get plenty of views but, perhaps also due to the fact that LinkedIn is a general professional networking site, no direct contacts re translation work in recent months. I could be more pro-active on my social media channels but these are, for the most part, personal pages followed largely my friends rather than potential clients.

Up until now, my translation work has generally come about as a result of clients seeing my profile on either translators forum Proz.com or on the British Institute of Linguists translators database. I’m probably getting an enquiry every couple of days thanks to these two channels but these contacts are not always offering work that fits with my profile (wrong language/low rates etc.).

Another strategy is to make direct contact with agencies/clients who post jobs on Proz.com. This is the tried and trusted method in my case, as I think I’ve found all of the agencies with whom I work, or have worked in the past, in this way. Having said this, waiting for a client to post a relevant job means you potentially face a lot of competition in securing said project as the potential customer might receive a large number of quotes…

I’m not sure what else I could be doing but I'd be keen to hear your tips!

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