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New beginnings

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all!

It's been something of a slow start to 2016, but I guess that's to be expected with most Italian firms only having returned to work on 7 Jan.

I'm in hospital for foot surgery later this week, something I hoped would have already been done last week, so now I've got my fingers crossed that things will stay quiet on the work-front for another few days or I'll be forced to turn jobs down. Though I think I'll be forced to stay off my feet for a while (won't be easy!), hopefully I can get straight back to work - the joys of a home-based desk job, ha!

Luckily the slow start is compensated by the fact that Nov/Dec were particularly busy - with most agencies paying 60 days (or more) after work completion dates, it means that earnings from late last year will land in my account between this month and next. However long I live in Italy, I will never get my head around the fiscal system - suffice to say that I gave away approximately 58% of my relatively low 2015 salary in taxes - there are no words...

Having recently upped my rates (see taxes situation above for explanation!), I'm pleased that I've been able to get most of my clients on board with the increase and hope that, as of next week, the work will really pick up again... Onwards and upwards!

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