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Translation pitfalls

Well the fact that I have time to write this post, in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, is, in itself, telling. Now that my working role has changed and I am concentrating on translation on a more or less full-time basis, I’d spent time carefully working out what I need to be translating, in terms of words per week, in order to meet my monthly targets and be able to pay my bills, and I've generally been able to meet said targets up until this point. But, as I knew would happen sooner or later, we've hit a bit of a dry spell. It is all well and good me knowing what I am able to achieve from day to day but it all falls apart if there is simply no work coming in...

I'd be interested to hear what others do to combat this, surely the main drawback of working for oneself. I work with a handful of different agencies, with the thinking that if one has a quiet week, the others may still send work through and though I'm now considering signing up with more agencies, I'm worried that the more I have on the books, the harder they become to juggle during busy periods.

Another issue is rates-adjustment. I've recently increased my tariffs and while this is easy to manage with new customers, it requires negotiation when it comes to agencies that I've worked with for a while. It's all a balancing act of course, as the last thing you want to do is price yourself out of the market, losing agencies and clients as a result…

It’s a learning curve anyway – and if anyway reading this has any work right now, you know where to find me!

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