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Racing ahead...

It never ceases to amaze me how, in the run-up to the annual EICMA motorcycle show - and by run-up I mean the week before, at most - companies wake up and realise just how much they need to get translated in time for the show. I've been run off my little feet, though that expression doesn't exactly fit as I've not had much of a chance to leave my desk. So it's been a host of motorcycle-related documents, with a few other bits and pieces as and when I could fit them in...

Though it seems as if most of the world has been up at the show all week, I'm only heading up tomorrow, for a busy day of appearances with Davide Giugliano.

I'll also be dropping my brand new business cards in at a few stands - with the entire industry out in force, I'd be crazy not to grab the opportunity! It's be nice to have the time to take a look around but in the last eight years, having accompanied different riders each time, I can honestly say I've barely ever seen a thing, unless you can count the fans themselves of course.

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