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New week, fresh challenges...

This week we’ve been focusing on new-look helmets, various documents for the 2015 EICMA motorcycle show, tourism in Rome, the Valencia MotoGP, EXPO 2015, and foreign embassy press releases.

Please get in touch if you think I can be of service, no task is too big (or small come to that!).

And, in case you needed it, here’s one more reason to always refer to an actual human translator rather than making do with Google translate:


It’s pretty funny to read though I’m guessing the festival organisers were left red-faced, and it could have been so easily avoided had they simply asked a professional to do the job for them!

Though to be fair these Spaniards have nothing on some of the translations that came out of EXPO 2015. With the exception of the texts I’ve just translated of course (!), it seems that many of the English language documents promoting the international show were machine translated or, at best, translated by non-native speakers of English. This article, which appeared on The Independent’s site back in February, pretty much sums it up and is both entertaining and truly horrifying:


See what I mean? I think my particular favourite has to be "Region that go, project that you find" - what a title eh?!

So I say it again, give me a call!

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