• Heather Watson

We have lift-off!

If you're reading this you're likely to be one of the first, very lucky individuals to have set eyes on my new website so the first thing I should say is congrats, and a big thank-you for taking the time!

Since getting back from the final World SBK round in Qatar a couple of weeks ago, I've been beavering away to get this site ready for today, the big launch day.

I guess I should have got around to putting something like this together sooner but you know how it is… I blame life, and particularly #racinglife, for getting in the way and not granting me the time needed to collect all my experiences together and publish them in one place. Anyway, better late than never!

I’ve tried to provide the full picture and here it is, a one-stop shop for anyone looking to hire a translator, writer or PR pro. I hope the site gives you more insight into me and my professional experiences to date, but do feel free to give me a shout if anything I’ve included here leaves you scratching your head…

I admit that Ducati has been my focus for the last ten years or so - hence the pics - but don’t let this fool you as I am, in fact, a lover of all motorsport teams and riders/drivers and would be more than willing to work with every single one of you given the chance!

If you’ve got another minute on your hands, take a look around before you leave and, if you like what you see or have worked with me in the past, you could even give me a shout out on your social media channels...

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