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Welcome to my blog!

I've had a go at keeping a blog in the past (see https://ducatigirl.wordpress.com if you find yourself with time on your hands) but I vow to be better about keeping this new-look blog updated!

I'm just back from the 2015 SBK season finale which took place in Qatar. I was extremely pleased to see my rider Chaz Davies close the year in overall second place, a fantastic result for him, his Panigale R and for everyone in Ducati. I predict great things for him and team-mate Davide Giugliano in 2016!

Back at base, I'm now deep into the translations, working on a variety of documents and with deadlines looming. I should get back to it really but just wanted to post a first entry here so that the page isn't totally empty as I launch my new site.

I promise there's a lot more to come so stay tuned!

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